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Mar. 13th, 2007

ziggy & momo


Xenokomi and Wallpapers

First, I'm working on my Ziggy shrine, and I'm in dire need of some of the old wallpapers for the other episodes, like Episode I and also Xenosaga freaks (the ones on that Omega Twilight site are screwed up). So if anyone has any of them stored on their computer, I would love you forever if you coudl send them my way. T_T Wallpapers for EPIII and the ones on the Monolith official site are unneeded since I have them already.

A friend of mine is working on writing translations for the main storyline scripts in Xenokomi, the story / adventure game in Xenosaga Freaks. For those of you who don't know, angela is upoading screen caps and videos of it to her site and on youtube (link can be found there).

With my limited Japanese, I can tell the following:
- Jr messes around with the fuctions on ziggy's chair. He doesn't know what the heck he's doing. I guess at first, Jr walks in and he's just pressing buttons and annoying the hell out of Ziggy. But then I guess he messes something up. Jr goes to fix it. Then after that, at some point much later, Jr goes back into Ziggy's room and Kitty Kos-mos comes in. She jumps onto Ziggy's chair and Ziggy says something along the lines of "Stop! KOS-MOS! What are you doing?!" Some thumping is heard, more thoughts from Jr, and then more thumping and then... lololol. Ziggy SCREAMS "AAAAAH! STO-STOP IT!!!!!!" (actually, "Au! Yame! Yameroooooooo!!!!") It's so OOC, and hillarious.

- During KOS-MOS POV, everyone talks like cats. I can't wait to hear Ziggy talk like that. XDDD

- Apparently at some point, Ziggy yells at Allen and messes up the Robot Academy. I don't know because neither moon_fox hasn't gotten there, and angela has only told me about it. So I am looking forward to this.

That's all from me. I thought I would post something here.

Feb. 21st, 2007


The great Type 8 Project: introduction.

Chat rooms are dangerous. Especially if there are Ziggy fans in said Chatroom.

Basically, I'm going to be Ziggy for Colossalcon. (And, if they get their projects done, I'm going to have a Mankini!Ziggy and a Jan.) But I'm notoriously bad at finishing things, so I figured that if I posted this, I could rally up some people who would possibly shoot me if I didn't get said project done. Keep yer Jeane motivated! =D

Colossalcon is in mid June. And, knowing me, I will wait until the begining of June to make the costume. However, I think that I will make bi-weekly updates to this grand project.

I'm going to be making more of a Anime type costume, so I don't have to deal with the robotic crotch. Sorry. Don't think I can pull that off.

So! Look forward to future updates! And if anyone has any tips or tricks, or good images of the anime outfit, I would be grateful like woah. :3~


Episode 3

So this has probably already been discussed, but what are everyone's thoughts on Ziggy's character development in Episode 3?

For instance, which of his scenes from the game did you like or dislike? Do you think his story would have been handled differently if the series had been longer? Was there anything (relationships, backstory, etc.) you would have liked to see addressed that wasn't? Just a few thoughts to get started; you don't have to stick with them.

I'm aware this might lead to spoilerifficness, so I hope that's okay. D:

Feb. 17th, 2007



Ziggy swimsuit concept

From the Xeno emission books...

Worse/Better than the other, take your pick.Collapse )

Feb. 16th, 2007




As much as I would like to make a serious discussion question, I think I'll go with the all purpose lol thread. Xenosaga, as we all know, is full of crack. We, the fans, never cease to find something to laugh at. For most of use here (if not all), Ziggy is not safe from the crack either. So, without further adou... *drumroll*

Ziggy Crack

Okay, go!

Feb. 11th, 2007



Let's try this again

So anyway!

Songs that remind us of Ziggy. :3
ziggy & momo



Okay, I wanted to open up the first discussion topic, so we can get the ball rolling. (Also, I need to add a discussion tag XD)

I realize from reading lots of fan fiction and fan art, and also RPing, that people have different ways of portraying any given character. Everyone sees a character a bit differently from others because of their own perspectives. Some characters appeal to others, while some don't interest them in the slightest. So, the question is...

What do you see in Ziggy?
What makes you like him, and if you write/draw or anything like that, what sides of him do you often see yourself portraying in your work, and why?

My responseCollapse )

Please feel free to contribute anything. The community can't really thrive unless others come and contribute! :D

Feb. 10th, 2007



[modpost] Fanworks Resource List

Anyone who would like their fan contributions added to this post (linked on profile and eventually, the sidebar) please comment and add a link here. Posts that include fanworks my also be added upon request. :)

Stuff I will add to this list:
Fan sites: Sites where information can be found about Ziggy.
Graphics: livejournal icons, avatars, wallpapers, layouts and what not.
Fan Art/Fiction: Links to your own sites, as well as deviantart, ff.net or other sites that contain your work.
Music Videos: Links to youtube or other places where videos with Ziggy in them can be found.
Cosplay: Moar people need to cosplay Ziggy kthx. ;)
Anything else? Please add a link!

All the Ziggy you could ever wantCollapse )


First order of business!

Because I'm bored and should be sleeping, or doing something productive, but I can't. ;D


Introduce yourself here for the time being (or until this post gets scrolled of the page (please let this be so). Then state why you are a fan of Ziggy. Also, be sure to mention if you create any kind of fanworks, like art, fics, graphics or what not. A link to a place where such items are stored (dev art, ffnet or your own site) would be great too. I'd like to add a post listing all of these places for reference.

That is all for now. ;D

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